With a special gel pre-wrap that gets covered with tape, bar padding provides the ultimate bar cushioning system.

Commute, Leisure and Everyday use.

The hybrid bike is suitable for all riders from  leisure, commuting, family or fitness.

Comfort hybrids: These are traditional style bikes with an upright riding position.

Fitness: These are great for the everyday rider who wants great versatility for commuting or leisure, but also for the rider who wants to improve their fitness. Lightweight and Versatile.

Dual Sport: Lightweight bike with suspension for use on road or light off road.

Remember your first bike? The joy you felt when you first laid eyes on it? The sense of freedom and adventure when you set out for a ride? The thrill of moving faster than your feet could carry you? We want every kid to have a great first-bike experience, and a great experience with every bike after that.


Womens Specific Mountain Bikes give you the same great outdoors experience but with a better fit, designed just for women. With Compact frames, narrower bars, ladies saddle and specific geometry, the womens  mountain bike allows you to ride more challenging terrain without compromise.
Womens Specific Road Bikes offer greater comfort on the road without compromise. With compact frames, shorter cranks, narrower bars with a shallow drop (making it easier to reach the levers), womens saddle and all the advantages that a great fit gives you.
The hybrid bike is a great versatile bike for use on road and light off road terrain, with more speed than a Mountain bike and more stability and comfort than a road bike.

Mountain Bikes allow you to experience the great outdoors and ride more challenging terrain. There are two types of MTB:

Hardtail: Front suspension with traditional rear end gives solid handling over the trails.

Full Suspension: Suspension front and rear for the more experienced rider looking for more speed and control over very challenging terrain.

Road Bikes - Speed and Fitness

You want to go fast and get fit, whether your a beginner or more experienced racer there is a bike to suit you.